[Image credit: Worakit Sirijinda]

I’m pretty excited about how things are going on-the-job.  Last week my boss took me out to lunch to celebrate my six-month anniversary and discuss my position, as well as his ideas for expanding it.  We talked about the potential for me to write for one of our construction publications, something that both thrills me and causes a bundle of nerves to snake up my spine.  After all, I write pieces for a beauty and lifestyle magazine relating to body image, spider veins and migraine relief.  What do I know about the construction industry beyond the copy I read during the editing process?  I was discussing this very thing with a spin-class buddy who didn’t skip a beat when he pointed out that construction and beauty have a lot in common — starting with a solid foundation.  And I realized that’s the way it is with most things in order to succeed; i.e., relationships, fitness regimens, education, careers, etc.  Whatever your desired outcome, it’s definitely worth the effort to lay the groundwork first.  I can hardly wait to get started.

What would you say is your most solid foundation in life?