Pinterest and charcuterie boards: finding humor in the messy middle

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Photo by Jake Oates on Unsplash.

What do Pinterest and charcuterie boards have in common? An end vision. You’ve seen them: the memes that parody Pinterest boards by displaying each perfect [fill-in-the-blank], followed by another person’s hilarious attempt to…[read more]

Everything is permissible but not beneficial: the 100% rule

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It’s easier to hold your principles 100% of the time than it is to hold them 98% of the time.
~ Clayton Christensen

If you could apply one tip to your life to make it easier in 2022, would you? Motivational speaker and author Benjamin Hardy calls this tip the “100% rule”—making a decision with no other outcome than 100%. For example,…[read more]

One thing at a time: turning resolve into results

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Resolutions: the infamous “R” word. Some years I pile on all the ways I resolve to improve myself. Other years I know that to set the bar too high will result in an #epicfail. Why do we oftentimes gravitate toward an overly optimistic view…[read more]

New year, new word: a recipe for success

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I talk a lot about setting ourselves up for success. About our one magical life. And I write about hope for new beginnings, humor in the messy middle and heart for happy endings. But what happens when new beginnings take a detour?…[read more]

Looking back: recounting the past to inform the future

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As we approach the final days of 2021 and look toward the new year, it’s the perfect time to recount the milestone moments that paved our way to present, so that we can better inform our future. Looking back on my own journey, I celebrated the publication of…[read more]

Happy birthday to me: one magical life to live


Today marks another trip around the sun—more than halfway into my Club 50 membership. As I reflect on the past half-dozen years, with all honesty I can say: What a ride! Cue in this past summer’s getaway of a lifetime. While it resulted in an inner prompting to create movement, it also reignited my struggle with limiting beliefs—especially when presented a chance to take a leap of faith. What if I screw up? What if I do it wrong?…[read more]

A new home: Always the write time for hope, humor & heart

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A big or little thing called perspective: it’s all in how you look at it

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Welcome to my inaugural blog post! Although it actually marks my 959th entry (you can access previous posts at Always The Write Time Blog), I’m excited to hang out with you at my new home—where today’s topic focuses on perspective, brought to you by a recent hike in the mountains. While my surroundings changed from [click here to continue reading]…

Reap a harvest: making ‘fallow seasons’ work for you

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Photo by Isak Engström on Unsplash.

On a recent podcast, the guest talked about working through a “fallow” writing season. Fallow—meaning idle, unproductive or uncreative—describes the past five months of my life. In the article Why We Need to Be ‘OK’ in the Fallow Season, Ryan Fahey asks the question, “Are you in a season that doesn’t seem to be producing any results?” followed by, “Are you spinning your wheels…frustrated at not seeing the results you want?” Yet, the fallow season is actually the most important season of growth. In fact, it’s essential for producing something wonderful. Unfortunately, some of these seasons take longer than others to deliver the outcome we desire; i.e., not all fallow seasons are the same. But the good news: fallow does not equal failure. And if we focus on the process, rather than the outcome, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

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Morning rituals: finding a sustainable practice that sustains you

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Let’s talk morning rituals. Over the past year, I’ve read tips on making the most of the initial hours in a day—from “eating the frog” to exercising to avoiding social media to praying or fasting. Although I’ve tried all of the above and more, my focus over the past year and a half has included three top priorities: prayer, purpose and performance. During the first hour of my day, I reconnect to my “source” through devotions and Bible readings. Then, I journal for 15-20 minutes before jumping into that day’s creative pursuits. Finally, I hop on my exercise bike, hit the yoga mat and power walk through my neighborhood or head for the mountain trails. And not only has this morning ritual sustained me during an unsettled 2020 and into the new year, but it also proves to be a sustainable practice that I can adjust as needed.

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