[Image credit: KROMKRATHOG]

In more than one past post, I’ve talked about revisiting dreams, putting others on the back burner until the time is right and/or shelving the ones we’ve outgrown or that just don’t make sense any longer.  I’m more than familiar with the first two strategies, but this week I’ve come to the realization that a couple of my dreams fall into the latter category.  Unfortunately, the ankle I injured several weeks ago and some other issues with my hips and knees (drat, how old am I?) mean my aspirations to run in my first race this month, as well as compete in a future sprint triathlon, need to be removed from my list of goals.  For the last few days, I’ve been working through my disappointment, and in lieu of a swift yet loving (according to an amazing GF) kick in the rear-end, I’ve decided this setback is simply another opportunity to replace one (or two) dream(s) with another.  And I’m happy to say the possibilities are endless.  Stay tuned.

How do you handle a setback, with attitude or with gratitude?