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Be moderate in everything, including moderation. ~ Horace Porter

Living a life of moderation is an unwritten goal of mine.  There are certain times when I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, but I also believe the healthiest lifestyle embraces the moderation rule.  It’s all about balance.  For many years, I struggled with an eating disorder and went from eating everything I could get my hands on, to starving myself for days.  Similarly, many dieters deprive themselves of their favorite treats, only to binge days later (as a reward for sticking to their “diet,” no less).  Although these examples refer to unhealthy extremes, I also think moderation needs to be taken lightly.  For instance, when I travel, my good intentions oftentimes fly out the window simply because it’s common for our routines to get off track.  I used to worry about maintaining my daily diet, working out, sleeping a prescribed number of hours; you name it, I attempted to control it while traveling.  But I discovered that there’s a time and a place and for me, vacation is neither one.  Perhaps moderation has more to do with finding a happy medium, but then allowing for adjustments when necessary.

Have you found that happy medium, or do you typically live one extreme or the other?