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What does not satisfy when we find it,
was not the thing we were desiring. ~ C.S. Lewis

During one of my recent sessions at the gym, my trainer and I discussed our dissatisfaction with our bodies. Armando commented on the muscle he’d lost, while I lamented the excess skin on my hips (you’re a woman, you will always have that). He went on to say that no matter how much someone weighs, whether 300 pounds or 90 pounds (or somewhere in between), they’re still not happy. I recently wrote an article about body image for In With Skin magazine and touched on the topic of being comfortable in our skin. However, I think it goes even deeper than that. I’ve had friends who say they’ll be happy as soon as they get a) a new dishwasher, b) a different job, c) more money or d) whatever “the” thing may be. But then, like what happens with lost weight — the appliance is in place, they’re working for a new boss doing what they enjoy and they’re making more money — they’re still not happy. Instead, they’re looking for the next “fix” guaranteed to satisfy. Perhaps C.S. Lewis had it right: maybe we just haven’t found what it is we’ve desired all along. But once we do, we will know beyond a doubt.

Are you easily satisfied, or are you always seeking more?