[Image credit: digitalart]

The last three romantic comedies I’ve watched have focused heavily on how true love looks beyond the imperfections and accepts the other at face value, “ickies” and all.  This can be difficult to apply outside of the movies, however, once the rose-colored glasses come off and we’re exposed in all our glory (or otherwise) to the ones we care about (and vice versa).  Although, I happen to be acquainted with a couple who are an inspiring example of the Hollywood love story.  Individually, each entered into the relationship carrying a boat load of baggage.  But they are admittedly self-prescribed saps for the other, choosing to focus on the good in each.  They truly believe their lives are better  simply because they’re together.  And if you ask them their secret, they may just mention never being without their sap-colored glasses.  We should all be so lucky.

In love — and life — how are you at looking beyond the imperfections of others?