[Image credit: Arvind Balaraman]

Most of us are familiar with the expression a thorn in one’s side (or flesh), or a source of irritation.  For some, this “thorn” may be a dead-end job.  For others, perhaps it’s a debilitating illness.  And for several, it could manifest itself as an unfulfilled dream or settling for second best.  When I find myself experiencing one of these quote-unquote thorns, I try to do two things.  First, I realize while a thorn can cause pain, it’s also a form of protection.  For me, this means whatever I’m dealing with at the moment may require me to be protected from harm, proceed with caution, be taught a lesson or granted more understanding.  Second, I attempt to work the thorn out from my flesh.  I do this by looking for a different job (hypothetically), seeking medical attention or continuing to pursue my dreams.  And I know anything I happen to be settling for is simply a temporary set-back — a side-effect of logistics or whatever the case may be.  Just a tiny little prick in the scheme of things.

Do you have a thorn in your side; how do you deal with it?