Giving it our all

[Image credit: SweetCrisis]

Last weekend I was continuing my uninterrupted daily attendance of Bikram Yoga after completing my 30-day challenge.  Although I still don’t have plans to keep up with the vegan lifestyle, or to never help myself to a cup of coffee or an after-dinner drink, or to refrain from sweets indefinitely, I figured I’d keep going until I don’t want to anymore.  But when I walked into class on day number 37, I was not in the mood to be there.  And I figured I’d just do the bare minimum to get by.  Toward the beginning of practice, the teacher made a comment about working hard, because that’s why we were all there.  And I realized she was right, but on a deeper level.  Whatever we’ve got going on in our lives — our jobs, relationships, hobbies — if we’re going to take the time to show up, I believe we owe it to ourselves to give it our all.  Or else what’s the point?

Do you give it 110 percent?