Giving it our all

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Giving it our all

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Last weekend I was continuing my uninterrupted daily attendance of Bikram Yoga after completing my 30-day challenge.  Although I still don’t have plans to keep up with the vegan lifestyle, or to never help myself to a cup of coffee or an after-dinner drink, or to refrain from sweets indefinitely, I figured I’d keep going until I don’t want to anymore.  But when I walked into class on day number 37, I was not in the mood to be there.  And I figured I’d just do the bare minimum to get by.  Toward the beginning of practice, the teacher made a comment about working hard, because that’s why we were all there.  And I realized she was right, but on a deeper level.  Whatever we’ve got going on in our lives — our jobs, relationships, hobbies — if we’re going to take the time to show up, I believe we owe it to ourselves to give it our all.  Or else what’s the point?

Do you give it 110 percent?

One day at a time

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Only 30 days

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Tomorrow is my final day of the 30-day Bikram Yoga challenge.  It’s also the end of my resolve to avoid sweets, alcohol, caffeine and anything non-vegan.  People have told me I’ll feel amazing afterward, and it’s true.  They’ve also asked if I’m going for 60 — and what I plan to do once the challenge is complete.  I’d like to keep going.  I’ve toned and trimmed some trouble spots.  I’ve improved my strength, balance and determination.  My IBS symptoms are better than ever.  My skin is cooperating.  And I learned I can do anything for 30 days.   However, I may swap out a day or two of Yoga for the gym a couple of times a week.  Maybe add a cup of coffee back into my diet.  For me, it’s become more about living one day at a time, while accepting where my body and mind is on any given day, rather than making more commitments.  So I’ll decide on Monday.

What have you done for only 30 days?

All or nothing revisited

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All or nothing revisited

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Last week I accepted a 30-day hot Yoga challenge.  In addition to attending practice each day for 30 days, I omitted a few things from my diet (caffeine, alcohol and sweets).  Plus, I went vegan.  It may sound like I tackled too much at one time, especially since 30 days of Bikram is already quite a test.  However, I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl.  That doesn’t mean I would quit the challenge if I indulged in a cup of coffee.  I simply desire to get the most out of the full 30 days.  Which means it also gives me greater impetus to succeed.  Add in a three-hour trip to the dentist for oral surgery only four days in, and I really should be a basket case.  Instead, I’m feeling better than ever, both physically and mentally.  And the discipline I’m practicing can be used long after the month is over.

If you can’t give something your all, do you choose to do nothing?