More of the same

[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

My 30-day challenge has come and gone … the one where I committed to a month of Bikram Yoga without intermission, and also omitted alcohol, sweets, caffeine and anything non-Vegan from my diet.  As fabulous as I felt on my “final” day, I made the decision not to make a decision on how I’d spend day 31.  At one point, I thought I may be standing at the Keurig first thing.  Or be counting the minutes until I could mix my favorite aperitif.  But rather than craving old habits, I’m leaning toward the new.  So even though I don’t have to attend daily practice, I want to spend 90 minutes in my happy place.  A friend of mine said he simply gets sick of any given “preoccupation” — whether it’s a food or an activity.   But for me, what I focus on expands [see 9/18/2012 post].  Which means it’s time to get back to my writing.

Do you crave more of whatever you focus on, or prefer change instead?