Take the 30-day challenge

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30-day challenge

[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

I feel inspired. How can I not when it’s just days into a brand new year of possibilities? The studio where I practice Bikram yoga began a new challenge on Jan. 2. Our team leader has been passing along quotes and videos to encourage and inspire. One three-minute video* talks about trying something new for 30 days. The speaker suggests making small, sustainable changes in order to succeed. Last year, I had planned to write a book in 30 days but went about it all wrong and it didn’t happen. But if I apply small, sustainable changes in 2014, I only need to write 1,667 words daily for 30 days. What have you always meant to do or wanted to do but haven’t? Give up sweets or caffeine? Practice yoga? Ride your bike to work? Whatever it is, remember that the next 30 days will pass whether we like it or not. So I’m going to write a book.

What are you going to do for 30 days?


A commitment to start

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A commitment to start

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With a little more than a month remaining until 2014, I’ve been reflecting on the past year. Professionally speaking, I had one goal: to write a book. The most concise writing advice I’ve ever read is: start small, join a writing class and/or writer’s group and try to write every day. So I am, I did and I do. But life is a roller coaster and, for the writer, writing is an extension of that life. Which means the best laid plans are oftentimes crammed with detours. For example, mid-year my family ran into a snag. My daughter and I became estranged and didn’t speak for a month. We were stuck, like the proverbial writer’s block. However, applying that same (writing) advice to our situation, I started out small. I relied on friends and family for support. And now she and I try to communicate daily. Although we cannot avoid life’s roadblocks, we can make a commitment to start wherever we are.

What are you committed to start?