If wishes came true

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If wishes came true

When I was younger, my father said most people work to pay the bills, that it’s not the norm to love what you do. One of the hardest-working men I’ve known, when he finally retired, his health deteriorated on a fast trajectory. I don’t know if he loved what he did throughout the years, but I did know I wanted to savor the best days of my life now. Consequently, after a quarter century working in administrative-type positions that simply paid the bills, I returned to school to study my passion for all things literary. During the past five years, I’ve whet my whistle in the business of publishing which I love (most) every day. However, if I’m honest, I live for Fridays and weekends. And if wishes came true, I’d be setting my own hours, living off my writing, traveling at whim (for research, of course) and Someday would only be a tattoo inked into my skin and no longer an elusive dream.

What is your wish?

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Be a goal-getter: turn your wishes into reality



Goals that are not written down are just wishes. ~ Unknown

The other day I learned something about myself: I’m a talker. OK, I’ve known this truth ever since I got in trouble for running my mouth in the first grade and nothing much has changed. But, sometimes I’m filled with an overabundance of hot air and neglect to back up my words with action. Yet I schedule everything from reminders to take my vitamins to run a load of laundry to how I’m going to accomplish 8-10 hours of fitness each week; map out prayer time and volunteer goals and even pencil in writing time. However, the latter is only a wish—a loose suggestion—because, although written down, no goals support it. What do I want to write? How much should I write daily? And so on. Last weekend I finally carved out time, took pencil to paper and turned my writing wishes into goals. Stuff just got real.

Are you a dreamer or a goal-setter?

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A grandiose wish

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The future starts now

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Always remember that the future comes one day at a time. ~ Dean Acheson

The blank piece of paper. The start of a new job. The beginning of a relationship. The trailhead for a hike.  In other words, a best-selling novel, successful career, forever love and latest adventure. Whether we intend it to or not, each commencement comes with our own set of expectations—some realistic, others not so much. Recently, I attended “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in the theater and was struck by a common theme: facing our fears to experience the beauty of life. Although the main character regularly daydreams his various flights of grandiose adventure and romantic fancy, Mitty learns that when he removes expectation to be present in the grandeur of each moment, his reality far exceeds his fantasy life. At least that’s what I walked away with. And that’s my wish for friends and family—and myself—in this New Year ahead.

What is your biggest wish for the New Year?

Genie in the bottle

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While I was sick last week I watched the film A Little Bit of Heaven.  Although the reviews were mixed, the storyline touched me on multiple levels and I spent most of the hour and a half crying my eyes out.  Perhaps it was the cold medicine or my hormones were out of whack.  Regardless, the main character (Kate Hudson) is diagnosed with colon cancer.  A lovely friend of mine recently had a similar scare, so that may be another reason I was emotionally charged.  In the film, there’s a scene where God (played by Whoopi Goldberg) grants Hudson three wishes.  Although it’s a bit odd she doesn’t choose “to live” as one of her wishes, the overall theme that life is a gift to be celebrated in the short time we’re here definitely comes across.  Maybe if we were all privy to our general timeline like the main character was, we’d do a better job of living.

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?