[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

Happy is the soul that has something to look backward to with pride,
and something to look forward to with hope. ~ Oliver G. Wilson

Unfortunately, when I stop to look backward, it’s easy for me to get stuck on the poor choices, the lessons it’s taken me countless re-tries to learn, the selfishness that held me back from being a better mother, daughter and friend.  But then I realize that there are twice as many wise decisions that have come out of the eventual lessons learned.  And I understand that time has afforded me a second chance time and time again to get it right.  With that insight, my soul is happy as I look forward with hope.  Because the pride, for me, comes in picking myself up and not allowing myself to dwell on what I didn’t do right, but what I improved upon.  After all, life is practice, not perfect.

How easy is it for you to look backward with pride, and forward with hope?