A time of refreshing

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Last week it rained for five consecutive days. That may not sound excessive but, when you live in the desert, it’s not common. Although I’m from the Midwest where I braved subzero windchills, I prefer sun and heat. Preferably both, simultaneously. So I put forth extra effort to make my own sunshine: I changed my hairstyle daily, picked bright scarves and smiled more (and spent a lot of time in the hot room). As much as I know the Southwest needs rain, and as much as I want to like rain, I fight against it. Even the sound of it triggers angst in my psyche. Yet, if I alter my thinking toward rain as cleansing rather than debilitating (I don’t really like to go anywhere when it rains), I realize that even Mother Nature deserves a time of refreshing. Plus, it gives me an excuse to step back and catch up on my reading or napping or my newest pastime: puzzles.

What is your ideal time of refreshing?

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Mother Nature’s odd sense of humor

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I think we can all agree Mother Nature has been goofing around with the climate across the board this winter (and now spring).  Not only have temperatures in the Midwest been unseasonably warm (not during my visit in January, however), but the mercury level in the Southwest has proven just the opposite.  As I drove through the rain last weekend, my car’s temperature gauge registering 43 degrees at 8:30 in the morning, I attempted to conjure up a smidgen of appreciation for the weather.  After all, living in the desert — especially during the summer — leaves little variation (except for monsoon season) to the seemingly endless triple-digit scorchers.  So instead of lamenting closed-toe footwear and a jacket in the middle of March, I decided to appreciate one less day of the three-months straight premature loss of my all-day protection.  Oh, who am I kidding … anything below 80 degrees and sunny is just wrong.  For me, anyway.

What’s your idea of a perfect-weather day?