[Image credit: kidfreeliving.com]

In my post entitled Refocusing our attention, I talk about finding a cause to take our minds off ourselves while we’re waiting for Someday to roll around.  Or perhaps we should simply reach out for one of the many readily available opportunities to make an impact beyond our own sphere of influence.  Today, as we remember the tragedy that struck our nation, I reflect on the aftermath and how the country rallied together to become one in its efforts to heal.  From the service personnel to volunteers to the families left behind — as well as those extending goodwill, prayers and monetary relief efforts — we were a people who temporarily set aside our differences to do what was necessary to get back on our feet.  It would be wonderful if this was a customary action rather than a reaction.  We will never forget 9/11.  And maybe we also need to remember what it looked like to share a common goal.

Where were you when the Twin Towers were struck?