Full steam ahead

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The little engine


In my post ‘Celebrating small victories’ I talk about how consistency often leads to improvement, however minuscule. Each day is different, whether pertaining to my workouts or my journey toward becoming a published novelist but, as long as I focus on what I can do rather than dwell on what I cannot do—then the sum of each week inevitably reveals a steady climb toward my dreams. When I brake to evaluate my progress, the daily changes are not monumental. But, cumulatively, I’m closer to Someday than I was yesterday. I’ve learned, too, that voicing your goals to the naysayers might derail your plans unless you’re prepared to stand firm in the face of your critics. This might mean participating in activities or lifestyle choices that both affirm and advance your ambitions. And, instead of allowing a limiting belief to stop you at ‘I think I can,’ take it full steam ahead and repeat after yourself: ‘I know I can!

What limiting belief stops you in your tracks?

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Celebrating small victories

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small victories

At the beginning of August 2015, I rejoined a local gym. Weight training and cardio added the balance I sought to complement my regular practice of yoga. But, it had been over a year since I’d worked out and, in my overzealousness, I pulled a couple ‘somethings.’ Whether at the gym or at the Bikram studio, I now felt like a beginner all over again. At one point I thought I might need to quit yoga as I found little to no relief in the asanas. I decided to stick it out, however. Days turned into weeks turned into months. Nearly a half year later, I’ve begun to recognize miniscule improvement while on my mat. Each time I show up, I discover a new victory. I can see it in my relationships, too. Gradual progress is in the works, even when I observe nothing. And, with each small victory, a stronger foundation is built. Now that is cause for celebration.

How do you celebrate the smallest of victories?

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Dress for success

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Dress for success

If we manifest the fruition of our thoughts—whether negative or positive—it makes sense that if we desire a given outcome, we’ll make every effort to emulate, create space for, focus on, the end result. In other words, between point A and point B, we must work to attract victory. The law of attraction reveals that very thing: we attract more of what we focus on. This holds true in spite of what we seek. The more we complain or wallow in self-pity, the more we bring the same upon us. So if we were to desire a high-powered job and our position is entry level, we must dress for the goal our eye is fixed upon. If we aspire to be an artist, musician, academic, writer, dancer, etc., we’ll create space to study and practice our craft and surround ourselves with like-minded souls. Misery loves company, because misery is not alone. Positive thinking begets positive results. I choose the latter.

How do you dress for success?

Third time’s the charm

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Sometimes our first attempt at a feat is an epic fail.  Of course, this makes it harder to go for it a second time but, if it’s important enough, we’ll give it the old “college try.”  When that effort is a total disaster, however, a third shot at it is highly unlikely.  Unless we remember that often, the third time’s the charm — the magical victory to a losing streak.  Last week I received my second “no” on a piece I’m writing.  I was given guidance after the first submission and rejection, as well as on the most recent one but I hope the third time is truly the charm.  Especially because I’m not sure what more I have to offer.  But I know it’s preparing me for the bigger stuff — when it comes to chapters and whole sections of that book I’m planning to write … Someday.  Hopefully by then all of my practice will pay off the first time.

How many times before you cut your losses?

Residing in the in-betweens

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In between goals is a thing called life,
that has to be lived and enjoyed. ~ Sid Caesar

It’s helpful to have those stepping-stones to advance us from Point A to Z without getting our feet wet.  Or at least provide us the impetus to continue moving forward when the journey seems endless, or even thankless.  We break down the big goals into smaller, more manageable tasks.  We include times of refreshment and rejuvenation for our souls or muses or whatever it is that makes us tick.  We dream about a future Someday while muddling through each of our Todays.  But in between doing all of that or when we’re in the middle of the tough stuff — the stuff we want to skim over or ignore completely because it doesn’t feel good, it’s boring or sometimes lonely — we need to take Caesar’s advice to live and enjoy this life during the in-betweens.  Because one day we’ll look back and realize those were quite possibly the times that held potential for the utmost victories, the deepest opportunities for bettering ourselves or the greatest heartbreak countered by the greatest joy.  And we can never get them back.

Do you make the most of the in-between times, or gloss over them, dreaming of better?