From the inside out

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From the inside out

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The other day in yoga, the instructor asked us to begin practice with an intention for the class. It could be anything; e.g., making a [micro]adjustment to a posture or avoiding extraneous movement. After class, the instructor congratulated me on a strong practice. I thanked her, yet I responded with judgment. But then I remembered my intention and how I was able to maintain it throughout the class—to manage my wayward thoughts (my “monkey mind”) by focusing on my breath. Although I almost blew off this accomplishment because it was just on the inside, my instructor reminded me it was huge, because this is where change begins—within ourselves. She oftentimes ends class with Gandhi’s quote about how our thoughts become our words… habits become our values and values become our destiny (see “Do you play the comparison game”). Whether anyone sees my two-week transformation or not, my destiny is no one else’s but mine.

What is one thing you’d like to change from the inside out?

Aligning our beliefs, actions

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Working around a state of flux


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If the things we believe are different than the things we do,
there can be no true happiness.
~ Dana Telford

Sometimes we must adjust one or more of our priorities, hopes, dreams, opinions, etc., in order to realign our values or goals. And sometimes that can be scary, painful and not without second guessing, remorse, self-doubt, etc. But if you find yourself in a near-constant state of confusion or conflict, then it’s wise to re-evaluate the things you’re doing to get where you think you want to go. Or perhaps what you believe about others, a situation or yourself is misinformed or untrue. Wherever you find yourself today, know it’s temporary. And be assured our lives are always in a state of flux. If not, we’ve ceased to grow, advance ourselves or contribute meaningfully to our small piece of society. When we’re able to align our beliefs and our actions, even for a day, all feels right—and happy—within our world.

What makes you truly happy?

Taking a stand … or not

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Earlier this week, I asked my daughter for blog ideas.  Have you ever talked about personal beliefs? she responded.  When my immediate answer was no, she questioned if I was afraid I’d be judged for taking a stand.  I denied her suggestion, stating that I prefer to keep my topics middle-of-the-road.  After thinking about it a bit, however, I wondered if perhaps I am afraid I’ll turn off my readers … be judged.  One of my original purposes for this blog was to ramble about the topics near and dear to my heart, ones that tend to be common threads among others — hopes and dreams, disappointment, loss, grammar faux pas (of course) — whatever tickles my fancy at the moment.  Maybe I should be more open with my beliefs.  But while my core values remain the same, my viewpoints tend to be fluid, ever-changing.  I guess I just think there is a time and a place.  And for me this isn’t it.

Do you take a stand whenever possible?