What my first iPhone taught me

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What my iPhone taught me

Last month I became a first-time iPhone owner. I resisted the lure for years and, when I finally decided to make the switch, my adult daughter met me at the store ‘for support.’ Since that evening, ‘B.A.’ has demonstrated infinite patience with my questions, user errors and FaceTime practice. At the beginning, she offered to review various settings with me, yet graciously allowed me to test the waters on my own. And she was notably impressed after I posted my first screenshot on Facebook. In the midst of my burgeoning tech savvy, however, I’ve learned it’s more rewarding to engage in everyday life, each moment—even the teaching kind (thanks B.A.!)—as it unfolds, without worrying about checking in on social media each time I go somewhere, or orchestrating the perfect selfie or posting photos of every meal I cook. Technology means well, keeps us connected. But real people, in real time, can never be upgraded or replaced.

How does technology impact your life?

Time is money

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By the time I post this, hopefully I’m the owner of a new cell phone.  I’ve been using one with a cracked screen and memory problems so that it’s capable of only receiving and sending calls and texting off and on.  My contract was due for an upgrade this past Monday; however, it was hard not to buy something before I was eligible to receive the discounted price.  And when I went into the store two days sooner to look at my options and learned I could upgrade a week early, I still stuck to my original plan of conducting research before making a decision.  I wanted to ensure I’d choose the perfect phone for me.  After all, it’s a two-year commitment and I know what it’s like to regret a couple of my previous selections.  So here’s to taking my time and doing my homework.  Hopefully the best phone will have won.

What decision have you made lately requiring a little research and a lot of patience?