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Doing the right thing for someone else
occasionally means doing something that feels wrong to you.
~ Jodi Picoult

This is a tricky one, because 1) we tend to be a “me” society (no offense) and 2) we’re not mind readers.  Focusing on the latter reasoning, how can we know what’s best for someone else?  As parents, this might be labeled “tough love.”  However, when it comes to any kind of relationship, the other party simply may not be strong enough to do the right thing.  In either of these scenarios, it’s not our feelings that count if the end result benefits our friend or child or spouse.  It’s called putting someone else’s best interests ahead of our own.  Others have been doing it for us all along; we just probably haven’t noticed.  But be reassured that everything happens for a reason, and Someday it will all make sense.  At least I hope so.

Do you do what’s right for others, despite your doubts to the contrary?