Don’t let the broken ones harden your heart.
Your greatest retaliation lies in continuing to be
fearlessly and beautifully you in spite of it all.

In my personal quest to break free, I’ve run across myriad advice, including these top 10 things to let go of to be happy (according to Power of Positivity, Nerdy Creator and edited by yours truly):

1) Judgment. People aren’t toxic, behaviors and actions can be.
2) The past. It’s over, learn from it.
3) The need to be right. Everyone’s perception is different.
4) Being a victim. Quit complaining, or change your situation.
5) Identifying with your thoughts. Good, bad or ugly.
6) The need to impress others. Psssst: you are good enough.
7) Limiting, negative beliefs. Focus on something worthy, positive.
8) The need to please everyone. It’s not possible, just stop.
9) Gossip. If you can’t say something nice…
10) The future. Invest in today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

What can you add to this list?

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