When results and efforts disagree: defining growth

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Now that we’ve surpassed the five-month mark into our new adventure on the mountain (see After the Leap), due to a three-week setback with COVID early on—as well as multiple challenges that have taken precedence—it often seems we have little to show for our efforts. Especially…[read more]

Fanning the flames

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Fanning the flames


Here we are, two months down in the New Year, 10 to go. Some days I think I’ve got the ‘simple thing’ down to an art, other days I flounder with too much to do and less time… to do. When heading more often into the latter direction, it takes effort to jump off the treadmill for a self-prescribed timeout. Remember, too much of a good thing doesn’t mean it’s good for us. When we forget to breathe, we lose ourselves. Last weekend I spent an afternoon with a girlfriend at an outdoor mall. Gorgeous weather, engaging company and I found a couple of fun tops. The following day, a planned ‘make-up’ day, I enjoyed a chunk of time on the patio, along with my daughter, basking in another amazing Southwest afternoon. Consequently, this week is pretty busy, but I’ve spread out my tasks. After all, moments with friends and family—savoring the simple things—fan the flames of my inspiration and my motivation.

What fans your flames?

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Cutting back to make room


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Usually, my Franklin is overbooked.  Six hours weekly at the gym had turned into 10+ hours once I added hot Yoga to my schedule.  Many days I’d overlap my workouts so that some mornings I’d spend at least 45 minutes at the gym and 90 minutes in the afternoons at Bikram.  But here’s the clincher: I still only have 24 hours in the day to work with.  And I realize that whether my body whispers it to me in the still of night or gives a shout out in front of my next-door neighbors, inevitably it will demand a timeout.  Rather than be forced to sit out, however, I decided to start cutting back.  Once a day — whether at the gym or at the studio — is plenty to manage my health concerns and keep me fit.  That also means more time to tackle other stuff on my list.  Or maybe just catch a few more minutes of shut-eye.

Do you need to cut something back in your life?

Handle with care

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For the past month, I’ve been writing more, making plans, getting out and doing more, meeting new people.  Living.  But a few days ago, a nasty headache kept me bedbound for the better part of two days.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my body was telling me time out.  Unfortunately, it oftentimes seems to take a flare-up of my stomach issues or some other health concern to remind me to slow down.  To give me permission to take an extra day off from the gym or put the never-ending chores on hold.  What happened to scheduling frequent mini mental holidays, or self-imposed timeouts?  Life.  I suppose if I would just remember to take regular breaks, my body wouldn’t rebel (and at the most inopportune times, like when the office is short-staffed).  Thankfully, there are others to pick up the slack when the going gets tough, but we only have one body.  And I, for one, need to start handling mine with care.

Do you take regular timeouts?