Reimagining self-care: the benefits of regular timeouts

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In reading up on the concept of self-care, I stumbled onto a great deal of differing opinions. Some are negative, touting that the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness—particularly during periods of stress—involves…[read more]

Spreading myself thin(ner)


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I feel like I’m being pulled in multiple directions.  The title company requires signed paperwork.  I’ve promised to help a friend with her fitness goals while maintaining mine.  I’m committed to providing my family healthy meals each week.  I signed up to volunteer at the food pantry and I may be joining others for a weekly Bible study.  A friend of mine recently asked me if we’re okay, and another one accused me of being too busy to hang out.  Most every night this month has something penciled in, which means very little “alone time” for Chrissy (and the housework is suffering, as well).  What I’ve noticed more than anything, however, is that I’ve been a little rougher around the edges; less patient.  Yet, as with most things I get myself into, I’m the one who’s making more work for myself.  It’s time to call a time out to catch my breath.  Or there won’t be enough of me to spread around.

Are you your own worst enemy?

Something’s gotta give

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This week I said yes to more things than I should have.  I’ve been trying to take care of a couple different health issues, while at the same time working full-time, serving as secretary to our association homeowners’ board of directors, attending a support group with a close acquaintance and accepting a writing opportunity that is a bit ambitious (with an even more ambitious deadline).  I’ve also been running on minimum sleep and when I came home from work yesterday, I crashed.  My half-hour  nap turned into an hour and a half snooze and I was pretty worthless the rest of the evening.  This morning I planned to hit the gym first thing as my typical MO, but I was invited out to breakfast with girlfriends and realized if I don’t take this time out — this  opportunity to slow down for a couple of hours — something is going to give.  I still feel exhausted after seven solid hours of shut-eye.  And  I could have said no to breakfast out to sleep in a tad longer.  But then I may be looking at picking up the pieces of my sanity.

Are you good at prioritizing the stuff your life is made of, or do you wait until something’s gotta give first?