[Image credit: Salvatore Vuono]

I don’t like cleaning  (big surprise).  Dusting is my least favorite of the tasks; scrubbing down the master bathroom is starting to rank up there, as well as dust vacuuming and washing the floors.  One thing that helps me get through these chores faster, however, is the cursory cleaning I perform each day: wiping down the toilet, towel drying the tiles after each shower, dust mopping, etc.  And then when it comes time to do the more time-consuming stuff, it goes quicker because I’ve kept up throughout the week.  I could do better — the clutter gets a bit high on my counter in the kitchen.  But overall, life is easier when I exert a little preventive-maintenance elbow grease into my days.  As with so many things, perfunctory “checks” — consistent communication with loved ones, regular vehicle servicing, daily exercise and wise food choices — keep the bigger things in balance and running smoothly (or at least help minimize the breakdowns).  In other words, a little extra time at the beginning saves more time in the end.

What is your favorite “stitch in time?”