Empowered vs. embarrassed: becoming your biggest advocate (encouragement for women)

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In my post, Resigning ourselves to embrace each season, I share my new normal: menopause. Since then, I’ve consulted with myriad health professionals, researched countless treatments and, in reality, become my biggest (health) advocate. PSA: I urge everyone to assume this role, whenever possible. But, because I cope with a few uncommon medical issues; e.g., a blood clotting disorder and congenital heart defect, I’ve learned that several potential solutions prove riskier to manage hormonal imbalances. This simply means heightened due diligence on my part. And, because no medical expert is perfect, nor every woman created equal, a trial and error mentality is key. Throughout the process, I’ve also discovered my voice—not only by asking questions, but by being transparent with others. Rather than suffer embarrassment, I feel more empowered than ever. Stay tuned for upcoming posts that include tips for managing this new season, from common symptoms and natural remedies for relief, to encouragement that we’re not alone.

How do you manage the new seasons in life?

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It’s all in my head … or is it?

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Over a week after undergoing my most recent diagnostic test to get to the “bottom” of my digestive issues (and more), I learned the findings were unremarkable and insignificant.  With the addition of my normal test results, I felt a bit of an inferiority complex setting in.  Either my symptoms are “all in my head,” or they really aren’t worth talking about.  I did stop taking a couple of herbal supplements over the past few weeks, which alleviated my most severe symptoms.  Periodically, I still experience bouts of pain and discomfort, but I’ve been contemplating the possibility it may be stress-related. Not only did a physician of mine suggest it, but it’s the top cause of one diagnosis.  If that’s the case, it’s time for me to start removing stressors in my life — as I did with the supplements —even those things that seem good for me on the surface.  My biggest problem is in knowing which stressor to eliminate first.

Is there something you know causes you illness or stress, but you just can’t let go?

If at first you don’t succeed …


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If you’ve been following my posts over the past several weeks, you’ve read about my mission to get to the bottom of what’s been ailing me (health wise).  As much as I’ve tried to handle it on my own, once I started experiencing new and seemingly unrelated symptoms, I finally decided to consult a couple of professionals.  And while I’m undergoing diagnostic testing, I’ve also been continuing my research efforts.  For instance, I’ve learned which foods soothe, and those that result in the opposite.  After nearly two months of feeling like a shell of myself, a few days ago I wanted to shout, I’m back!  I thought I might have discovered the crux of one of my problems.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  But that just means I return to the drawing board and try, try again.  I really don’t have much choice if I’m going to win at both health and happiness — with a capital H.  And that’s my plan.

Do you give up easily, or keep trying until you succeed?