What matters is the doing: replacing fear with freedom

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Deadlines. Some people flourish under these heavy-handed task masters. Others freeze. I dwell somewhere within the pages of both extremes, depending on the hour. Most recently, under deadline for a 20-page submission earmarked for critique at an upcoming writers’ retreat, I struggled. With doubts, fears, frustrations. I hollered self-recriminations like “fraud” and “you suck” into the recesses of my monkey mind. I contemplated canceling my reservation. But, in the end, my goal was to write. And I did. My goal was to make deadline. And I did. And, for the most part, I had fun. Except when I didn’t. In my experience, I can attest to the truth that I am my own worst critic. Even though, I know my submission lacked passion. It lacked voice. But here’s what I learned: It doesn’t matter how I feel about doing something. What matters is the doing. And I did. In spite of fears and doubts and jitters. Which leads to freedom. Because I survived.

What are you afraid of?

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Tips to bloom where you’re (trans)planted

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The article ‘Bloom where you’re planted’ talks about making the most out of our situation, whether we like it or not—until we can make a change or something better comes along or whatever it is that serves to transplant us. According to the article, Keeping our dreams alive is what uplifts the human spirit, and then it goes on to suggest four ways we can survive before we thrive: 1) [Understand] every step in life prepares us for the next one, 2) stop complaining, 3) be a blessing and 4) bloom through the concrete—changing ourselves instead of expecting others to change. Although I think there are a passel of takeaways in the article, if our environment is an unhealthy one—no matter how hard we try to bloom—we will encounter resistance. Also, as I mention in ‘5 Things Hiking, Life Have in Common,’ if we get too comfortable in one place, we may cease to grow altogether.

What’s your take on blooming where we’re (trans)planted?

The longest week ever

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Longest day ever


This past week stands out as one of the ‘longest weeks ever.’ On Monday morning when my alarm went off at 4:45, my first thought had been: ‘Why is my alarm set so early on a Sunday?’ From that moment on, each day dragged longer than the previous 24 hours. When I mentioned this to my boss, he said, ‘Life goes by fast, so we might as well appreciate the long weeks when we experience them.’ And I did extend gratefulness every day by: honoring my body with healthy food and exercise; writing and reading to maintain an active mind; chipping away at my daily tasks so once the weekend arrives, I can enjoy it sans commitment. It’s been too long since I last indulged in the luxury of a weekend where I’m not expected to be in a certain place at a certain time. This makes the wait worth the long days I not only survived, but thrived.

How do you make the most of each day?

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