Hop aboard: hanging on for the ‘thrill ride’ of your life

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Thrill ride. My new favorite phrase coined by my great niece, Julia. That’s life in all its glory, right? A journey that sometimes feels like a roller coaster I close my eyes on until it reaches steadier (and safer) ground. Other times its scary twists and turns require faith that I’ll make it from Point A to Point B—my body often jostled and bruised from the onslaught of life’s challenges. But then there are those frissons of joy that bubble up from within as I share the ride—all its ups and downs and unexpected surprises that delight—with those closest by my side. And, if I had a choice, I don’t think I’d pick a different ride or trade my seat for another. I’m simply hanging on since it won’t last forever. Because, one day, the ride will slow and inevitably come to a stop, and it’s at this moment I want to shout: “Wow! What a [thrill] ride!

What does your thrill ride look like?

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Bad news comes in threes… right?

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bad things in threes

This past week my washer died. It didn’t come as a shock because the dryer met its demise mid-to-late last year. But there were no warning signs… one night, mid-wash, a pile of towels ended up a soggy mess when the water didn’t drain. When I arrived home at lunchtime the next day, a trail of rust marked the side of the water heater. Upon closer examination, it was a fresh rivulet of colored water. I don’t have to be an expert to know that’s not a good sign. With temperatures expected to top 115 degrees over the weekend, my heart dropped when I received a text that evening from my family (while I shopped for a new washer) indicating our 18-year-old AC stopped running. Life is fun that way, isn’t it? Unpredictable, packed with surprises. But I still look for (and find) a simple pleasure every day—something that strikes my fancy, makes me smile or fills me with gratitude.

How do you approach life’s unexpected hiccup(s)?

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The first day of the rest of your life (story)

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life

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One day your life will flash before your eyes.
Make sure it’s worth watching. ~ Unknown

So how did the year go?  Can you look back on the last 366* days and pat yourself on the back for a job well done?  Or did your enthusiasm start with a bang and end with a fizzle?  My year was filled with starts and stops and ups and downs.  Many of my goals were accomplished, even ones that were not a glimmer on January 1st.  Now tomorrow is another New Year — a chance for a clean slate and for us to continue writing our life story.  The cool part is that a story writes itself and, as it plays out, the ending is always being revised.  May your story play out exactly as you dream, with delightful surprises woven throughout each chapter.  And when you reach the final page, I hope you’ll be truly satisfied with how it turned out.

What are your plans to celebrate the advent of 2013?

*Leap Year (thanks for pointing that out, Big Sister!)