The quick fix: the easy way out may not be the best way through

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I was born with a bicuspid aortic valve. Six months ago, my cardiologist and I met to review my lab work and talk about my treatment plan. At that time, he put me on a supplement to help lower my total and LDL cholesterol—a hereditary albatross I’ve carried my entire adult life—with a recheck in three months. I balked at taking the supplement. I know it works (I’ve taken it before with great success), but the side effects can be unpleasant and permanent. Although a quick fix, I chose to abstain. I rescheduled my appointment for six months out and began my mindfulness journey. Today, positive change is reflected in the numbers from my latest blood draw. It would’ve been easy to take the supplement, but it wouldn’t have been the best way for me to claim ownership of my health. More changes await around the corner, but I’m encouraged. Sometimes proof is all we need to push through.

When have you bypassed the quick fix?

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It’s all in my head … or is it?

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Over a week after undergoing my most recent diagnostic test to get to the “bottom” of my digestive issues (and more), I learned the findings were unremarkable and insignificant.  With the addition of my normal test results, I felt a bit of an inferiority complex setting in.  Either my symptoms are “all in my head,” or they really aren’t worth talking about.  I did stop taking a couple of herbal supplements over the past few weeks, which alleviated my most severe symptoms.  Periodically, I still experience bouts of pain and discomfort, but I’ve been contemplating the possibility it may be stress-related. Not only did a physician of mine suggest it, but it’s the top cause of one diagnosis.  If that’s the case, it’s time for me to start removing stressors in my life — as I did with the supplements —even those things that seem good for me on the surface.  My biggest problem is in knowing which stressor to eliminate first.

Is there something you know causes you illness or stress, but you just can’t let go?