New year new decade: 7 steps to success

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In my post, “It’s not too early…” I share a link on strategies to attract everything you want in 2020. With two months remaining in 2019, I challenge readers (and myself) to begin now. To recap: 1) Identify what you really want and be sure you really want it; 2) visualize your future self doing what it takes to get there; 3) believe that you can do it; 4) clarify your intention and give it your attention; 5) prepare for when the slope gets slippery; 6) hold yourself accountable, but be gentle with yourself and 7) practice gratitude every step of the way. It all sounds simple, right? I think where I struggle the most is at the beginning: What do I really want? Going forward into this new decade, the key for me is to keep it simple and straightforward. And one (major) “want” only. Otherwise, it looks a lot like self-sabotage and my best intentions go up in smoke. Every time.

What do you really want?

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Reading between the lines

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Frequently, I twist my musings around on paper in order to create a play on words — hidden meanings so that to one reader, my writing may signify one thing, and to another it may translate into a completely different idea relevant to their particular life’s journey.  And because we all bring some sort of dichotomy to the table, it makes sense that in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of any piece of writing, it requires reading between the lines to seek answers to our own questions, to discover the connotations meant for our eyes only.  However, sometimes I think we simply believe what we want to, regardless of truth, because it’s easier than to admit otherwise.  But it’s also important to remember that oftentimes a body of work is simply straightforward, with nothing more or less to read than what is in plain view.  The secret is in knowing the difference.

Do you tell-it-like-it-is, or are there hidden meanings behind your words?