Someday is not a day of the week

A recurring theme in my blog posts revolves around Someday, as well as a void I seek to fill by immersing myself in writing or prayer, yoga or volunteer opportunities, cooking or cleaning, crafting or shopping or time with friends. I’ve also been spreading my creative wings and attending art classes and writing workshops and, when I’m not engaged, I’m either watching TV or listening to music, playing online games or losing myself in a fictional world of print. Anything, and everything, to keep my mind from slowing down enough to explore the void and discern what it is I’m truly missing. The persistent busy-ness only creates a temporary fix. I know this, because it’s in the quiet moments just as I fall asleep at night and each morning before I’m fully awake when I ache for Someday and the life I hold an image of. If I stop, and listen, it only reminds me how long I still have to wait.

What is your image of Someday?