The possibilities are endless

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The possibilities are endless

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It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.
~ Nicholas Sparks

The old saying, “there are no guarantees in life except death and taxes” is a bit depressing. And true. Lately, I’ve been tempted several times to give up on my dreams for Someday, thinking I may be better off abandoning Tomorrow’s long shots for Today’s status quo. After all, if there are no guarantees, it seems pointless to hang on to a vision that may never grow into fruition. Cue in Sparks’ quote here. Reading it was like an epiphany. Because it says to me that even though there is no assurance of what Someday will look like, I only need to keep the hope alive. I imagine this is accomplished by doing the things daily that advance my goals. And when I do this, much like the seedling taking root through tender loving care, the possibilities are endless. Even when there are no guarantees.

Do you need the guarantee, or is the possibility enough?

Waiting for better days


Hands tied

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As you wait for better days, don’t forget to enjoy today,
in case they’ve already started. ~ Robert Brault

Sometimes, in life, we feel our hands are tied pertaining to certain things — like staying at a job that’s lost its appeal or sacrificing one thing for the good of another.  But I believe, most often, we really do have a choice and we’re simply unwilling to change the status quo.  So if we choose to wait for better days, we must make the decision to be happy where we’re at.  Or be miserable and perhaps miss out on the best thing that may ever happen to us.  Yesterday during the first savasana in Yoga, the teacher instructed the students to mentally validate ourselves with a mantra of sorts to come back to.  Mine was: “I am strong, I am healthy, I am happy.”  Because that is what I choose to be today … while I wait.

How do you remember to enjoy today while waiting for better days?

Beyond your comfort zone


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Everyone has a comfort zone.  That place where, if a personal boundary is crossed, everything shifts on its axis.  Maybe it’s something as simple as going to a movie or attending a work or social function solo.  Speaking in public, making cold sales calls, raising your hand in class, learning how to dance — all of these things may be stepping over your own invisible line.  This year has been the year I push the limits, step outside of my comfort zone and test the waters.  So far it’s been good for me.  By stretching myself, I am becoming more confident.  Sometimes, if we just sit still, we become stagnant or too comfortable with the status quo.  We cease to grow.  For many, it may require jumping in feet first; for others, it might look like using floaties the first few times out.  Personally, I try to consider the things I don’t want to miss out on and say “yes.”

Do you stretch the limits of your comfort zone?

Dissecting the muse

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Thoughts that trigger the mind and cause us to react,
the more things change the more things remain the same. ~ D.M.

I read the above quote on Facebook yesterday.  The latter half of the saying (compliments of Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr) is familiar to me and, although somewhat circular, makes sense.  Things may change, like jobs, relationships, financial situations, health and/or dreams, while the reality of life — the here and now, or status quo — is unscathed.  As for the first part of the quote, perhaps D.M. might be stating that various feelings may cause the subconscious to elicit a certain type of response.  And, depending on the direct correlation with Karr’s contribution, these feelings either 1) have no bearing on the current logistics, or 2) any deeply held emotions and/or reactions remain unaltered despite changes on the surface.  Or maybe a little bit of both.  Whatever the intended meaning, this passage speaks directly to my writer’s soul.

How do you discern the above quote?

Take the pain out of change

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When you resist change, you experience emotional pain and physical pain.
When you welcome change, you relax and open to new possibilities.
Resistance is an experience of fear and doubt,
and openness is an experience of love and trust. ~ Gary Zukav

Last week, a close friend pointed out my dislike of change.  Along this same vein, another accused me of being fearful.  I wouldn’t say it’s fear, per se, just that my fondness for routine tends to be rather overpowering.  I’ve rambled about change in the past — how it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, to live the status quo.  Shortly after the conversation about my aversion to change, I ran across the above quote.  Talk about the error of my ways practically biting me in the butt.  Not only have I been dealing with emotional pain, but it’s manifested itself in physical discomfort.  Because the truth is: I’ve been resisting change … not sure I “have the guts.”  But I want to be the person who welcomes change.  I want to relax and be open to new possibilities.  I don’t want fear or doubt to keep me in chains.  And when I come right down to it, change isn’t the painful part (for me, anyway).  It’s resisting, rather than welcoming, what is truly an inevitable in life.  From this day forward, I choose love and trust.

Is change something you typically resist, or welcome?