Show up not give up

The last time I wrote, it came out in bits and pieces—sprinkled throughout the course of a day. It wasn’t the most productive work I’ve ever accomplished, but it afforded me practice at my craft. And that’s okay, because life, in itself, is one big practice (not perfect) that occurs each time we show up. For instance, I’ve returned to my music after a 20-year hiatus. Even though I’ve rehearsed several hours, so far, I have a long way to go before I sound halfway close to my “back-in-the-day” self. My daily yoga is also a study in practice each time I step on my mat. Some days look differently than others, too, depending on what’s going on in my body and my mind. Whenever we show up, even if in bits and pieces throughout the day, our muscle memory will begin to fill in the gaps. Because it’s about showing up, not giving up.

What is one area in life where you could use more practice?

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