Have you ever wished humans were fashioned with a reset button? Not unlike a smartphone, we’d be equipped with the ability to erase our cache of self-inflicted damage and begin again with a clean hard drive, so to speak, while still able to retain the good stuff: a foundation to draw from as we recreate ourselves. Yet, in essence, each morning affords our own personal factory reset—devoid of negative self-talk, and/or judgment, until we attach wings to our thoughts. At times, we might require extra impetus to break through the chatter that clambers for attention, to make way for new habits to replace the old. Yesterday, in fact, I began a 21-day cleanse—a detox of self-destructive patterns exchanged for self-affirmations—tangible gifts that function as a reset button: a mental spring cleaning to purge that which no longer serves me, whatever self-limitations keep me stuck or stagnant. And to bring into balance my mind, body and spirit.

What helps you swap out old patterns for new?

Image source: Shutterstock.com.