The truth hurts

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I would bet I learn something new every day—whether it’s a different vocabulary expression from my word-of-the-day calendar my daughter gave me for Christmas (“because you’re a writer”), or something I gained during my yoga practice or while working on the job, or something I read online or in print or something a friend or acquaintance passed along. In these examples, it’s a good idea to double check the source or get a second opinion. But when I really learn something new is when I screw up. And I’m not referring to a simple faux pas. I’m talking about the OMG-you-said-or-did-what!? mistake. Those are the best kind of learning opportunities, in my opinion. Although painful, most times (at least in my experience), they require us to take a deep look at ourselves. We might not like what we see, but the old adage, “the truth hurts” is truer than we’d like to think. Hopefully, then, what we learn will stick.

What new thing did you learn today?

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May I get a second opinion?

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Second opinion

One of my articles was recently published in a local magazine. While I waited to receive the hard copy in the mail, I viewed the web version online. However, once I read it, my excitement deflated like a punctured balloon. The article contained mistakes missing from the original draft I’d submitted to the publication. One of my editor friends, after reading it, said she would’ve asked that I dig a bit deeper, something I would’ve expected the magazine editor to request. I knew my friend was right, though. I’m never going to write again, I thought, much like a petulant child. Yet minutes later, I knew I wouldn’t stop. If nothing else, I learned something. Everything we do is a reflection—of ourselves, our employers—so the next time I write something, I will ask for a second opinion before it goes any further. Granted, I can’t do anything about the publication’s errors. But I can always do a better job.

How do you feel about second opinions?

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