You can. End of story.

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On Wednesday I posted an image on Facebook: a cup filled with coffee, the words Happy Hump Day scrawled on its surface and hearts drifting upward from its steam, and added my own message: You can. End of story. What thrills you? You can. What obstacle do you face? You can. What dream persists? You can. I read an article about how society spends more time seeking entertainment and distraction than focusing on learning and creating. And that when we forego the latter, we take a step backward rather than grow into the extraordinary person we’re meant to be. Much of what I read intrigued me: “You are defined by what you’re willing to struggle for.” I believe that. “Most people aren’t willing to really struggle for anything.” I don’t believe that. It might be a struggle simply to rise each day to face your reality. Or perhaps you’re 100 percent satisfied living an ordinary life. Just remember: You can. End of story.

What do you struggle for?

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Liking what you see

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If I took a poll, I wouldn’t be surprised if a majority of people measure themselves up to others based on physical appearance and prowess.  For instance, in Yoga class I covet the strength and bodies of a few class-act yogis.  But at the same time, I’m pleased to see the fruits of my labor in my outward appearance.  Until I start comparing myself to the girl with the smooth, unlined skin who seemingly effortlessly navigates standing head-to-knee pose.  Then it’s easy for me to get hung up on the nicks and scratches on my legs, the little spider veins and bruises marring the surface, my stiff and sore “old” body.  So then I wonder if we ever get to that point in our lives where we’re truly satisfied with what we look or feel like.  A friend of mine believes it comes through working on our inner selves.  That’s undoubtedly the best place to start.

How satisfied are you with the reflection you see in the mirror?