Fear is *not* a favorite F word

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Fear can be debilitating. Fear of… failure, the unknown, change, making a mistake, saying the wrong thing, getting hurt, causing pain, running out of time, missing out. Regret. The other day, I made a decision, set my plan in motion and, for several hours, I felt at peace about it. Only, when it came time to execute ‘said’ plan, fear seized and held me captive, resulting in an aborted mission. The solution? I must confront my fears, head on, instead of running away from whatever situation I’m facing. Otherwise, I will never be able to make peace with the past and move forward into the present that’s waiting for me to delight in. But this requires courage that I have yet to access, and confidence to trust in the process. It also requires daily positive affirmations that, indeed, I am good enough. And keep in mind: There are no mistakes. Just life lessons. So that’s one fear we can all say goodbye to.

What is your biggest fear?

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Getting unplugged

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Between doctor’s appointments, adult-child drama, work and financial commitments, freelance deadlines, an eight-week yoga challenge, keeping clean clothes in the closet and food on the table, and trying to log in eight hours (not so much) of Zzzzs every night, I’m stretched thin.  The household tasks are going by the wayside and I serve more leftovers than anything else, but life continues.  Albeit with piles of dust bunnies, and laundry that needs folding.  But I’m in serious need of a break.  And so I’ve begun making plans for myself.  I’m calling it my weekend “unplugged.”  For me, that means no social media, including games, no cell phone (except for emergencies only, of course), no email or laptop, no TV or radio.  And no chores or outside commitments.  As soon as my freelance deadlines are buttoned up, I’m running away.  For 24 hours.  I don’t have the details completely worked out yet, but that’s okay.  I know I’ll be traveling light.

When was the last time you got “unplugged?”

Traveling light


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If running away would somehow “make it all better,” I’d be the first one packing my knapsack.  But I imagine once the novelty wore off, reality would set in and I’d still have to deal with whatever caused me to run in the first place.  Or maybe it’s not what we want to escape, but what we desire to race toward headlong.  Either way, one door needs to be closed before another can freely open to let us through unfettered.  If you have a score to settle or an obligation to fulfill, make good on your word first.  Once you’re released from the baggage that weighs you down, the thought of running away will most likely be just that — a distant suggestion no longer necessary to entertain.  Running away won’t change our circumstances.  But if we satisfy our commitments in the present, we can confidently move into our futures with the freedom of only a carry-on or two.

Do you travel light, or pack every burden that weighs you down?