Righting wrongs, mending hearts


righting wrongsOver the past several weeks, I’ve initiated a concerted effort to make amends with people I’ve hurt, owning up to my wrongs—taking ownership for unkind words and broken promises (see ‘Turn the page to begin anew’). Perhaps you are convinced someone close to you betrayed you and, without seeking any kind of validation, you succumbed to rash assumptions and drastic measures. Then, too late, you realized your erroneous thinking. It really doesn’t matter who was to blame because, in the end, it takes at least two. And love refuses to demand its own way. Consequently, all you can do is accept your personal role in the situation and ensure that your actions, moving forward, coincide with your words. In time the door to reconciliation might open but, until then, I suggest you offer up forgiveness and goodwill. When we accept responsibility, it doesn’t expunge our wrongs, yet it does free our hearts and minds from bitterness and regret.

Is there a wrong you need to right today?

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Going green

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About a month ago, a local radio personality was talking about following a juice diet for 10 or 11 days.  Nothing but juice.  On one of the days, he said it was like everything bad that ever happened to him in high school.  I laughed about it then, but with my desire to take responsibility for my own health, this weekend I bought a juicer and all the “greens” to go with it.  Friday night I read the owner’s manual from cover to cover, then disassembled the unit and loaded the dishwasher-safe parts.  First thing Saturday, I proudly made my morning juice.  In went a half bunch each of kale, spinach and dandelion, a couple of sprigs of parsley, two Granny Smith apples, one peeled lemon, one-half cucumber and two celery stalks.  Out came 24 ounces of: green.  As I wrote this blog last night, I was gagging down my evening glass of greens and realized the DJ was right, only it’s like everything bad that ever happened to me in grades K-12.  There seriously has got to be a better way to get healthy from the inside out.  In the meantime, I wonder if I can trade in the juicer for a blender.

What is your favorite juice recipe that doesn’t cause bad feelings?