The trick is to remember



Ever get excited about a vacation day but little transpires as planned? That was me yesterday. Often, it’s a wonder I manage to get myself to work each morning by 7 a.m., show up at the gym or yoga studio nine hours later and then crawl into bed by 8:30 at night. And sometimes cook, clean and do my volunteer thing. Especially after a month packed with deadline upon deadline, as well as the one-year anniversary of my pop’s death, losing a beloved feline, vandalism of my daughter’s vehicle, a broken clothes dryer, infestation of ants and another kitty struggling post-surgery. I arrived at that point where, if I didn’t take the day off, I’d pack my bags and hightail it across country. Only my day off went from bad to worse—until sometime around the eleventh hour, it started to look up. And I was reminded of that very thing: whatever we’re going through is temporary. The trick is remembering.

How do you remember it’s just temporary?

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Forget me, forget-me-not

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Every composer knows the anguish and despair occasioned
by forgetting ideas which one had no time to write down.
~ Hector Berlioz

While I was vacuuming my tiles this past weekend, an idea for a blog post popped into my mind and before I even finished my task, I forgot what this “brilliant” piece of rhetoric was all about.  Ugh.  My dad would say the memory is the “first thing to go” as I approach the rusty, er, golden years.  I’d prefer to think I just have too much occupying my gray matter and that’s what Franklin (my day planner) is for … or my ever-ready post-it-notes on my desk at work.  Only I didn’t even have a chance to jot it down.  Obviously, my idea must not have been that important but, at the time I thought of it, it was enlightened and a topic I was eager to explore.  Hopefully the kernel of muse will germinate and grow into something even bigger and better.  And maybe when I finish dusting or wash the floors, it will pop back into my head with bells on.  Until then, when inspiration strikes, I need to key a few words into my cell phone’s notepad to help trigger the memory.  Wait, how will I remember to do that?

Do you have a fool-proof way to keep from misplacing a thought or two?