One size fits all: except when it doesn’t

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One size fits all, a common phrase—whether referring to a hat or a pair of socks—that means to accommodate the varying preferences of most people. But then there are nutrition and fitness plans, haircare and skincare and anti-aging formulas, for example—that each sound life-changing when presented by enthusiasts who’ve experienced positive results in these areas. I’ve heard Keto is the way to nourish our bodies, yoga is the cure-all for whatever ails, apple cider vinegar is a magic elixir and XYZ is the only essential oil I should apply to my skin or hair. Recently, even I couldn’t resist the lure of a book claiming it’s the last “plotting book” ever needed. But guess what? Everyone is different, which means we must conduct our own due diligence—for the latest and greatest trends—and adapt accordingly. And instead of lamenting an overabundance of choices, we should appreciate it’s not the entire wheel we need to reinvent.

What success have you had with a one-size-fits-all approach?

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Searching for your happy place

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Think of all the beauty around you and be happy.
~ Anne Frank

Recently I posted a blog about the road(s) to happiness.  When I checked the blog site analytics the next day, I was amazed to learn that particular post received the highest volume of activity compared to my others.  The fact that people are searching for happiness — most likely typing in many of the keywords I included in my post — should not surprise me.  But it did.  However, perhaps it just means a lot of us are seeking the very same thing and wondering if someone else has it figured out.  And if that’s the case, then we want to know the answer too.  Maybe it would eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel, or keep us from making the same mistakes.  If I had the magic answer to that age-old question, I would bottle it and attempt to make a profit.  But I have a feeling Anne Frank may have figured out the secret a long time ago.  And if she’s right, it means we don’t have to wait until we arrive at our final destination to be happy.  Look around you.  Happy now?

What does your road to happiness look like?