Try, try again and again

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Try, try again and again


Already four days into my two-week plan on how to change my life, and I’ve run into a few speed bumps. For instance, day one I wanted to eat leftover Halloween candy, yet I committed to a healthier lifestyle. So what? I ate the candy, enjoyed it and recommitted myself. I’m also still trying to get a handle on how many “free” hours I have each weekday—not including work and sleep (eight hours) and how best to use this allotted time. But once I add in everything I need to accomplish (for a happier me and a smooth-running household), I’m left with a total of one hour before I need to get ready for bed. That’s where the weekends come in—extra hours I can use to pick up the slack. I may take a day off from work on occasion, too, to play catchup or one where I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

What are some of your challenges when it comes to change?

The five Rs to getting back on track

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I can hardly believe one-third of the year is already behind us.  Which means there’s only nine months remaining to plow through our list of goals — or resolutions — until it’s time to start all over with a clean slate.  In the event you’ve forgotten your good intentions over the past 90 days, the following five Rs may help you get back on track:

  • Revisit your list of resolutions.  What was #3, again?  A few days ago, I pulled out my list of 24 goals and found I’ve only completed or dabbled in eight of them so far.
  • Revise any of the objectives you’ve outgrown.  No sense in putting effort toward something you no longer care about.
  • Recharge your excitement.  What made you want to tackle these goals in the first place?
  • Recommit to pulling out your list on a regular basis — or posting it where you see it often.   It doesn’t hurt to have a visual reminder that you do have a purpose.

This should be a working list, one where you have permission to customize it as your life circumstances change or the mood strikes you.  And don’t forget the best tip of all:

  • Reward yourself for each accomplished resolution.  This can be as easy as a new pair of heels as soon as you learn how to dance, or as complicated as planning a trip to New York City to pitch your completed novel to an agent.

How are your goals taking shape in 2012?