Looking within: discovering plenty amidst the lack

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As I mentioned in my post, “Another way to look at the pandemic ‘pause,’” I’m discovering new things about myself since 2020 took a major detour. While much becomes ingrained in our habits and thought processes simply because “that’s the way I’ve always done it,” the current COVID-19 climate has required a mandatory “pivoting” of our mindsets. One shining example: When my daughter’s gym temporarily closed due to the social-distancing order, it crushed her. Although she knew it afforded a minor inconvenience overall, she dreaded a derailment of her fitness goals. However, after a short-lived pity party, she soon realized that everything she needed to maintain her daily practice stared her in the face. In fact, she recently conquered—and exceeded—her goals. But not without inner resolve, a dash of creativity and a boatload of fierce grit. I couldn’t be prouder of her. It’s heartening how a global crisis can reveal the best within us. If we let it.

Where have you discovered plenty amidst the lack?

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Energy flows where attention goes

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I’m happy to report that my focus on the ‘Power of p’ is off and running—peace, patience, purpose and prayer at the top of my 2017 pursuits. In addition, I plan to emphasize another P: my plenty (vs. lack). Thus far, this has proven an exercise in attitude adjustment. Sometimes you just want to pout because you’re not where you thought you’d be at this stage of the game (of life). For example, while hiking a couple weeks ago, I ruminated on my novel and how I still haven’t written it (yes, I wrote one a few years ago, during a 30-day challenge, but I consider that my practice)—and about all the writing workshops on my schedule this year. I’ve decided that, like any person training for a marathon or the Olympics or a trek into the Grand Canyon, that’s what my practice and workshops are doing: prepping me to write and publish my novel. It’s about keeping focused on the plenty.

How’s your energy flow?

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I am slowly going crazy

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I am slowly going crazy

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There’s an old Raffi tune my daughter and I sang when she was little: I am slowly going crazy, 1-2-3-4-5-6 switch, crazy going slowly am I 6-5-4-3-2-1 switch.  Sometimes I’ll still mutter the song to myself as I flit from one commitment to another.  I’ve said it before — that remaining busy helps keep my mind in the present.  It encourages me to not dwell on lack but focus on plenty.  But if you know me, I typically don’t do anything halfway.  Which means moderation is a challenge.  I’m working on that one by picking and choosing value-added activities, rather than simply filling my days with “stuff.”  This means pursuing interests and relationships that edify and add to, rather than tear down and take away from.  Saying yes to those things that fill the depleted areas in my life and no to the things that aren’t worth my time or energy.  That way, going a little crazy can be a fun thing.

Does your crazy need to be re-evaluated?