Gaining a clearer perspective: the root of my problems

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Photo by Bud Helisson on Unsplash.

For five days, I scoured boxes and bags for a favorite pair of glasses. I became convinced I lost them during our recent move. Negative thoughts berated my carelessness. I recalled my Bible devotion on the fifth morning, which spoke of areas in our lives we avoid identifying as the root of our…[read more]

A big or little thing called perspective: it’s all in how you look at it

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Welcome to my inaugural blog post! Although it actually marks my 959th entry (you can access previous posts at Always The Write Time Blog), I’m excited to hang out with you at my new home—where today’s topic focuses on perspective, brought to you by a recent hike in the mountains. While my surroundings changed from [click here to continue reading]…

How to discern the answer you’re looking for

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During the past several weeks, I’ve mapped out a (tentative) new plan that I write about in “Making a fresh start…” And every day looks different: One day might require setting aside my personal agenda to work with significant others on common goals. Another day it may take all I’ve got to clock in my eight hours and squeeze out 90 minutes of yoga. I’ve also spent time contemplating an ongoing dilemma. During a recent hike, I looked for answers—and for “love”—in the desert. Myriad rocks bordered the trail, yet the heart-shaped stones I sought eluded me. Until I changed my focus. I realized, then, that the sign or solution we seek can be right in front of us—or doesn’t always appear as we expect—and we must “zoom in” and/or alter our perspective to distinguish it. However, if we become distracted by the clutter of our surroundings, our selfish ambitions or vain conceits, we risk overlooking the obvious.

What answer do you seek today?

Benefit of the doubt


[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

A reader posted a comment on The demise of the human connection that brought a new perspective to my ramblings.  In a nut shell, for those who live in remote areas, the Internet is a Godsend.  I shared the response with a friend, excited that someone all the way in Australia had picked up my blog and with a few keystrokes we were communicating across the globe.  The person I told also thought it was neat.  But then he pointed out the blogger could be someone in a town 30 miles away from where I live who just said they reside in the Outback.  Way to burst my bubble.  But it’s true that more often than not I offer people the benefit of the doubt, taking their word at face value.  Shame on me at times, I suppose.  But I guess I’d rather be the type who believes in something until it’s been proven otherwise.

Do you give the benefit of the doubt or typically play it safer?