Empty nests are for the birds

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Empty nests are for the birds

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As I discussed in my recent post, A new year for change…, I’m expecting 2013 to sport its share of change.  However, I’m already dealing with the first painful one even before the ball drops in Times Square.  My daughter is moving out, and Mom’s not ready.  Who am I going to blame for not scraping off the pizza stone or for forgetting to fill the toilet paper holder in the guest bath?  How will I manage when I don’t know if she’s safely tucked under her comforter at night?  I feel like I’m losing my Jacuzzi partner, my Tuesday night Parenthood date, my mini me.  I know it happens and I know it’s supposed to happen.  But I was just starting to get good at this parenting thing.  And the kicker?  She’s moving out this weekend while I’m traveling.  The other night when she was so loud while I was trying to write?  Yeah, not such a big deal.

Any tips you can give to this empty nester?

Whatever happens, happens

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A year ago my daughter and I started making it a date to watch the show Parenthood together each week.  The new season began three episodes ago, and it’s something I look forward to every Tuesday.  Last week, however, my daughter was in a crabby mood.  Any time she made a comment that I didn’t catch the first time, she’d repeat with an edge to her tone.  It didn’t take me long into the hour to realize it was going to be one of those just enjoy being together mother-daughter moments.  During commercials we silently played Words With Friends with each other on our respective laptops.  When the show was over and she stood to leave the room, I thanked her for spending time with me.  I barely noticed an imperceptible softening in her voice.  Thank YOU, she said.  And that was that.  I can’t wait until tonight’s “date.”  Really.

Do you allow those just enjoy being together moments to happen, or try to force your own agenda?