Tulip garden

[Image credit: Detanan]

Recently, I read about an author who was told that self-promotion of her newly published novel was something akin to shameless. Her response oozed with class. Basically, if writers earn their — our — livelihood writing, why wouldn’t we market our own work? The other day two of my just-published articles came out in the premiere issue of Paradise Valley Lifestyle magazine (pages 26-27 and 34). Although I’ve had other commercial and literary pieces published, I was just as excited as if these were my first. It never gets old to see my name in print (other than for a traffic violation, of course) — to validate my passion and then to share my excitement with anyone who will listen (thanks, you know who you are). Because as a late bloomer, I spent the first half of my life weeding my garden and now I’m finally beginning to reap a beautiful harvest. Plus, Someday I’ll want you to buy my books.

What is one thing you enjoy that never gets old?