Old habits die hard


Old habits die hard


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It seems I’m still on the “try, try again and again” phase of this 14-day transformation. I begin each day with good intentions, but then “life happens” and I’m eating not because I’m hungry, but because I’m emotional. Or I’d rather read for a half hour before bed instead of writing <gasp> And my grad school application for January 2016? Why, that’s another year away, so why worry about it now? But if I don’t get my act together, two weeks will go by either way. I would rather see something to show for it than not. I think my problem has to do with trying to do too much too soon—or all at once. Making a plan is great and feels empowering, but it is also overwhelming. Tackling one thing—one project—at a time is likely the better MO for me. Or maybe I just need to make that date with my girlfriends to improve my satisfaction with my social life.

How’s your transformation going?

A second wind

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As I wrote this post, all I could think about was taking a cat nap.  While I hadn’t done anything particularly strenuous yesterday (a few household chores, tax preparations and a trip to the gym), I felt an afternoon lethargy coming on as soon as I sat down at my computer.  Despite my eight hours of sleep the previous night, I knew I would be no good to anyone later on if I didn’t take 30 minutes to recharge my battery.  Not only would I be better company after a few Zzzs, but I also hoped I’d find my second wind and finish the day’s tasks, as well as tackle some things planned for today … because the I’ll do it tomorrows easily pile up and run into next week or next month.  This can make it hard to do what you really want to do — write, watch The Sports Channel (for some of you), go out for drinks or simply read a good book — when you know your list of to-dos is as long as the hallway between your office and your bed.  Which for me is about 13 1/2 yards.  And since I did find my second wind yesterday, today looks a bit more manageable.

Do naps recharge your battery, or make you feel more groggy?