What’s ‘in’ this season: new outlook, new you

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This past weekend, I joined another hiker for a six-mile trek through new-to-me desert terrain. As the two of us navigated the dusty trails, we discovered common interests and beliefs despite the decade that separates our birthdays. Recently, my friend quit her job because it interfered with her hikes, her yoga. Her sanity. Although she resides in a different season of her life than me—where her plans lean toward retirement—the outlook she embraces is one I strive for daily. My friend lives and breathes the old adage that there are seven days in a week and Someday isn’t one of them; that we need to do what we can [enjoy] now, so we can do it for years to come. I knew I couldn’t move the mountains ahead of me, but I could kick aside the bad habits and negative chatter that clutters my path and replace them with stepping stones—small, manageable changes—toward success. Regardless of the season.

What does your makeover look like?


A sobering wake-up call

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[Image credit: Daniel St.Pierre]

A week or so ago, a friend of the family went into cardiac arrest, resulting in a coma.  The prognosis is grim.  The most sobering part of the story, personally, is the friend is my age.  And for all intents and purposes, a healthy individual.  He had been running an errand and simply collapsed.  That could be me.  Or someone close to me.  All these plans I have — my tasks for tomorrow, goals for 2012, dreams for Someday — only have meaning if I’m alive and kicking.  For me, it was like a brush with mortality (the proverbial wake-up call), and I can only hope I’m making the most of this very moment.  And the next.  Does my family know how much I love them?  Have I made amends where necessary?  Maybe now is a good time to tie up loose ends while I’m still able.  Because life can change in an instant and as hard as I try, that’s one thing I cannot control.

Have you ever experienced a wake-up call resulting in a changed outlook on life?