A few of my favorite things

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I remember my mom telling me if we all liked (fill in the blank here), it would be an awfully boring world.  Our tastes, likes, dislikes, aversions, hopes and dreams are uniquely ours.  And thank goodness, because imagine the limited selections of books and movies, dining and entertainment, clothing and cars (not to mention how crowded it would be if everyone lived in the same “perfect” locale).  Of course, if we were all identical (i.e., cats with their penchant for “cat food”), we wouldn’t know any other way.  But I embrace our differences.  And how the funnest (yes, it’s a word) times in life are when we make compromises because of them.  Like when I’m hungry for a veggie pizza and my friend craves a meat-lovers so we order half-and-half (no sides touching).  I’m also reminded how our differences allow us the opportunities to try something new — such as a food or shared experience — and find out it’s our new favorite.  So go ahead: you say tomato and I’ll probably still say tomato, but a few of my favorite things remain those common bonds enjoyed with the ones I love.

What are a few of your favorite things?

Standing up for yourself

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Whenever I dine out, the server always pops over to ask how everything tastes right after I take a bite.  Sound familiar?  A few weeks ago, however, my mouth was empty when the owner stopped by my table, at which time I shared my disappointment in two of the food items.  In fact, it was the first time in my life I have ever returned an order I was not happy with.  I explained my dissatisfaction and was told both menu selections would be deducted from my bill.  Although I appreciated the gesture, I was frustrated because the server and the owner became defensive and argumentative, even suggesting I should have eaten at one of their ethnic-chain counterparts.  I wish I could say I had a good comeback on the tip of my tongue at the time, but I was proud I was assertive in the first place.  And who knows, maybe the little things I stand up for now are simply preparing me for something bigger around the corner.

Do you typically speak up, or more often settle in silence?

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