Imposter syndrome: 3 tips to flip the script

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In the Bucket List Journey, the author asks: “If you had to teach something, what would you teach?” I’ve considered this question often, first upon graduating from ASU as a non-traditional (aka middle-aged) student, followed by earning extra cash as a substitute teacher, while interning and job hunting. And, lately, as I’ve considered ways to expand my reach as a writer. One topic that I struggle with on a regular basis—imposter syndrome, or self-doubt and insecurity—informs my answer to the question. I would teach others how to break through a mindset of limiting beliefs. My limiting beliefs revolve around #allthings writing. Maybe you wonder if you’re cut out to homeschool your children, manage a team of employees or return to school in your 50s. If so, I encourage you to 1) acknowledge your thoughts, 2) put them into perspective and 3) reframe them by focusing on your accomplishments, reflecting on your growth and realizing that your. Dreams. Matter.

How does imposter syndrome show up for you?

Leave it to chance: when the choice is no longer ours to make

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Since I began blogging in 2010, of all the topics I’ve covered in my posts, the vast majority revolve around a common theme: choice. Obviously, there are circumstances beyond our control—our best friend moves away, our spouse severs ties, we lose our job or we become ill. But, we still have a choice (see “It starts with a choice”): how we react to XYZ. If someone insists they don’t have a choice, then what they really mean is they lack determination, resolve, backbone. Free will. Bottom line: Even when we choose not to make a choice, it’s still a choice. When I went back to school as a non-traditional student to pursue my bachelor’s degree, I chose to embark on a new career path. Nearly a decade later, I feel, at times, that my age is a stumbling block to future growth, change. Yet the biggest obstacle is that one day the choice will no longer be mine to make.

What choice do you leave to chance?

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Always keep dreaming


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Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. ~ Marsha Norman

This marks my 200th post since I began Always The Write Time to chronicle my journey as a non-traditional student, and has evolved into an excursion (or peregrination) through life.  I’d like to say thank you for joining me as I ramble and reflect daily, and for sharing in both my frustrations and my triumphs.  I hope over time, you’ve discovered as I have, that we’re not alone — that others possess similar struggles and hopes, as well as their own “Somedays” they’re waiting for while doing their best to live out their todays.  As for my dreams, they’re few.  I envision myself enjoying good health, a successful career doing what I love and moonlit walks on the beach.  Perhaps your soul and mine have written each other into our respective books, and one day our paths will cross.  Until then, I wish you the most beautiful dreams and a happily ever after.

What do your dreams say about your life’s story?