Manifesting positive results

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Vision Board
Balance… simplicity… happiness. Only a fourth of the way into the new year, and I’m beginning to realize the manifestation of these elements as I actively pursue them. When I recently mentioned to a girlfriend that I wish I could clone myself to be in three places at once, she said: Just do one thing good. That advice, along with the vision board I crafted (see creating our own luck), is my new impetus. Rather than multitask a boatload of to dos, I’m honest with myself about what I will spend my time on. I might accomplish less, overall, yet I’m focusing my attention on those one or two things and “doing them good.” I also feel reduced pressure to say “yes,” and to go with the flow, instead. The days still fly by but, with a slower personal pace, I’m able to live more fully in each moment. Which makes space for a more simplified, balanced life. And a happier me.

How have you simplified your life?

A hokey pokey life

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hokey pokeyOne foot in and one foot out. That’s how I feel—not fully invested in any one thing. I multitask, read a snippet here, tackle a household project there, brainstorm a story idea (or four) for a few minutes, attend this or that function but hesitate to commit to anything more—like ownership or membership or some other kind of ship. Limbo. This is where I’m held prisoner in a familiar cell and I’m not fond of the scenery. It’s always the same: gray. And suffocating. Every second of every day I fill with mindless chatter and running and tasks to keep me from taking risks—from ripping off the band aid and allowing myself to bathe in a life of color, fluid and ever-changing. If I remain too busy, there’s no time to think about what I’m missing. If I keep my eyes fixed on the to dos, I will never have to acknowledge that it’s always been my choice.

Are you living a hokey pokey life?

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