1 way to squeeze the best out of life

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They say that “attitude is everything.” Although I don’t know who they are, I do know truth resides in those three words. Case in point: As it relates to my day job, certain pet peeves are inherent in the publishing industry. For instance: missed deadlines, unresponsive contacts and broken commitments—to name a few. However, I’ve begun to look at these examples not as “thorns in my side” but as challenges to motivate rather than frustrate. Surprisingly, this new mindset works! Also, pertaining to my household finances, I’ve been asked to take a more vested interest in our expenses and investments, as well as the annual tax preparations. This year, instead of approaching the impending weekend with an overarching sense of dread, I planned several fun diversions to break up the monotony of pulling together the requisite materials. This resulted in a productive and enjoyable two days laden with laughter and goodwill. The time will pass regardless. Why not squeeze the best out of it?

How’s your attitude?

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Two weeks to a new, improved you

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14 days to a new you

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I’m obsessed with www.mindbodygreen.com and all its glowing tips on how to be happier, discover your life’s purpose and eat healthier, as well as my recent fixation: how to change your life in 14 days. Admittedly, I’m in a season of pure apathy. But I’m told it’s possible to see noticeable change in two weeks with five easy steps. In my next few posts, I’ll share the hows and offer examples of each. On Nov. 1, I’ll begin the process and journal my progress. I’ve completed the first step: 1) evaluate your life on a scale of 1-10; be specific about how you want to feel in two weeks (an 8 or higher is the suggested intention). Here’s a sampling from my notebook:

A) Vocational
1) Career/writing: 4 (lazy, unmotivated), 8 (plans in place, motivated)
B) Relational
1) Parental: 5 (uninvolved), 8 (involved, dates planned)
C) Health
1) Fitness: 5 (poor body image, unmotivated), 9 (re-energized, improved image)

What’s one thing you’d like to change in two weeks?