Tools for success


[Image credit: Arvind Balaraman]

My nest is still empty as of this post.  My grown-up daughter has been “on her own” for over two weeks and, quite honestly, I thought she’d be back already.  Oh, she’s been back — doing laundry, helping herself to a frozen pizza and the chocolates in the candy jar.  She’s picked up mail, slept on the sofa and brightened up the home with her stories and, most recently, mentioned the apartments she’s looking at.  It turns out she’s contemplating a move across town after the first of the year.  No longer a 10-minute drive for a visit, it will require more planning and no doubt less “drop-ins.”  The most notable part about the plan is the complex she’s looking at is the same one I lived in over 24 years ago.  I can only hope there’s more to the “like mother like daughter” saying, and that I’ve equipped her with the tools to be a success wherever she goes.

Where have you recently seen your influence in action?